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A rota nanny works on a rotational schedule, typically sharing their time with another nanny or a team of nannies. The specifics of how a rota nanny arrangement works can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the family, but here are some common aspects:

    Life As A ROTA Nanny

    1. Schedule: Rota nannies typically work on a predetermined schedule that includes both working and non-working periods. For example, they may work for several consecutive days or weeks, followed by an equal amount of time off.
    2. Rotation: The rota nanny shares their working periods with another nanny or a team of nannies. They take turns providing childcare and may alternate weeks or months on duty.
    3. Flexibility: Rota nannies are often required to be flexible with their working hours to accommodate the family’s needs. This may include working evenings, weekends, or overnight shifts as required.
    4. Continuity of Care: The main objective of a rota nanny is to provide continuity of care for the children. They aim to maintain consistency in routines, activities, and caregiving approaches, ensuring a stable and secure environment for the children.
    5. Communication and Handover: Effective communication and thorough handover between the rota nannies are essential. They share important information about the children’s routines, preferences, and any specific instructions to ensure a smooth transition between working periods.
    6. Support and Collaboration: Rota nannies often work closely with the parents and other caregivers to ensure that the children’s needs are met. They collaborate on planning activities, addressing challenges, and maintaining open lines of communication.

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